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When yous become over the things yous actually desire inward a Valentine’s dessert, this ultra-simple zabaglione checks all the boxes. Assuming that your sweetheart enjoys things similar sweet, juicy fruit enveloped inward a rich, but impossibly lite custard, this should operate out nicely.

I similar to purpose a dry out Marsala wine, but sweetness Marsala is too a pop choice. If yous purpose the sweetness multifariousness you’ll postulate to cutting downward or eliminate the sugar.  If you’re non into warm vino foams, yous tin literally purpose whatsoever other flavorful liquid, as well as the technique volition operate the same.
You may postulate to alter the garnish, but things similar coffee, fruit juices, as well as pretty much whatsoever other liquor, or liqueur, volition operate alongside this technique. Experiment, as well as run into what happens. So, whether yous brand this for that sure enough person this Valentine’s Day, or only for a random weeknight treat, I actually produce promise yous laissez passer this a endeavor soon. Enjoy!
Makes two or three servings:
  • 3 large egg yolks
  • 3 tablespoons white sugar
  • 1/4 loving cup dry out Marsala wine
    1/2 loving cup diced strawberries tossed alongside a spoon of carbohydrate