Just Corn Soup

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Just Corn Soup

This is 1 of my all-time favorite ways to bask fresh, summertime corn, in addition to a keen lesson inwards but how fiddling aid these sweetness ears need. If you’re using perfect, peak flavour ears, a fiddling butter, common salt in addition to pepper is actually all you lot need. And no, H2O never counts.

In illustration you’re wondering why nosotros blended one-half the corn at the beginning, fifty-fifty though nosotros were going to blend it at the halt anyway, I stimulate got a keen argue for that. The foremost fourth dimension I made this soup, it came out thence perfectly delicious that I’m straight off afraid to alter the steps.

I blended the corn, in addition to started cooking; non knowing it would expect thence terrible in addition to broken. It tasted amazing, but looked similar a horrible mistake, thence I ended upwards giving it a fiddling blitz amongst the stick blender. That did the trick, in addition to I had something that looked equally gorgeous equally it tasted.

Would it sense of savor the same if you lot simmered the corn inwards the water, in addition to thence blended it all at the end? I’m non sure, but my instincts tell no. By the way, if you lot don’t stimulate got a stick blender, you’ll stimulate got to carefully puree almost one-half the soup inwards a blender (in batches if necessary), in addition to thence add together it dorsum in. I actually promise you lot order this amazing corn soup a endeavor soon. Enjoy!
Makes iv small-scale portions:
  • 3 cups packed fresh sweetness white corn kernels (about 3-4 ears)
  • 3 cups mutual depression temperature water
  • 2 tablespoons unsalted butter
  • generously flavour amongst common salt
  • cayenne to taste