Edible Vacation Gift Idea: Candied “Buddha’S Hand” Citron

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Candied “Buddha’S Hand” Citron

Welcome to our annual homemade edible gift episode, where yous hold upward figure out what to instruct that “special” (aka super-picky as well as has everything) foodie on your vacation list. By the way, if you’re a fan of candied citrus, yous ‘ll desire to brand extra, since Buddha’s Hand is a unique as well as special treat.

To me this crazy looking fruit tastes/smells similar a actually fragrant Meyer lemon alongside hints of grapefruit, as well as if yous tin detect it, I recommend yous give it a go. It’s non cheap, merely what is? If yous can’t detect it, don’t despair; this technique plant perfectly fine alongside strips of orangish or lemon peel.

Regarding the blanching pace I cite inward the video; I heard that pre-boiling wasn’t necessary for this fragrant fruit, every bit it’s non every bit bitter every bit other types of citrus, therefore I tested it both ways, as well as I’m glad I did.

The batch I boiled inward H2O commence had virtually no bitterness left, as well as nonetheless had a fairly potent citrus flavor. The batch that was candied raw definitely had a to a greater extent than fragrant aroma as well as vibrant taste, merely unfortunately at that topographic point was a distinct bitter aftertaste.

So, I recommend the boiling step, particularly if you’re going to live making this primarily every bit a candy. If yous were going to live cooking alongside it, inward things similar fruitcakes, as well as then yous could likely instruct away alongside the bigger flavor, as well as slight bitter edge.

Either way, I promise yous tin instruct your hands on about of these hands, as well as give this fun, as well as slow to brand vacation confection a try. Enjoy!
Ingredients for most ii cups of candied citron:
  • (warning, I didn’t mensurate rattling carefully, merely that doesn’t affair here. As long every bit yous convey plenty uncomplicated syrup to stimulate your citrus in, yous are fine)
  • 3 cups cubed Buddha’s Hand citron, washed thoroughly, or other citrus peel, sliced into 1/4-inch strips (simmer inward plainly H2O for 20-30 minutes earlier candying step)
  • 2 1/2 cups carbohydrate (plus extra for tossing the candied fruit in)
  • 2 cups water
– stimulate on medium heat, stirring, until the syrup reaches 230F.