Sandwich Bread

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Sandwich Bread

This is my everyday breadstuff recipe. I ever bake my ain bread. I don’t retrieve when I bought breadstuff final time. The breadstuff stays soft for days simply I highly recommend to piece of job along the breadstuff at freezer if you lot desire to shop it for to a greater extent than than 1 days to halt mould to grow as well as to retain freshness.


  • breadstuff flour-340g(2½cups)
  • milk powder-4tbsp
  • instant yeast-1tsp
  • sugar-3tbsp(you tin purpose 1tbsp if you lot similar less sweet)
  • salt-1tsp
  • butter-4tbsp
  • water-200ml (190g)
  • pan size: 19cm x 10cm x 10cm


  • mix all the ingredients inward a bowl except butter
  • add butter during the kneading process
  • knead until the dough real stretchy
  • Place inward a well-oiled bowl, as well as plough dough to coat. Cover amongst a damp cloth.
  • Allow ascent until doubled inward bulk, virtually 1 hour.
  • place it into good oiled 9×5 inch loaf pans. Allow to ascent for thirty minutes, or until thdough has risen 1/2 ” below the pan.
  • put the chapeau on as well as permit it ascent for five mins 
  • then bake at 180°C/356°F for thirty Mins 


  • you could knead past times hand  simply it volition accept longer(15 mins)
  • make certain your yeast is last or breadstuff won’t ascent
  • put the chapeau on when the dough rises 1/2″ below the piece of job past times hence permit it ascent for 15-20 mins. If you lot striking the dough spell putting the chapeau on the dough may deflate
  • turn the breadstuff pan subsequently twenty mins for fifty-fifty baking on each side.
  • You know the breadstuff is done when you lot encounter hollow audio when you lot tap it
  • under baked breadstuff smells yeasty