Madeleines Cookie

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Madeleines Cookie

This madeleines cookie or french butter cake is delicious. promise you lot similar it.

Also known as the petit madeleine, the madeleine is a delicious kind of sweet French culinary tradition and, more specifically, the town of Commercy in the north-east of France. Soft and tasty, madeleine cakes are shaped like a shell and are ideal for a delicious snack at any time of the day. With an intense and delicious flavor not unlike that of a plum cake, the madeleine is distinguished from the latter by an aroma of butter and lemon stronger. Made with flour, eggs, butter, sugar and vanilla and hazelnuts often finely chopped, the madeleine is a delicacy unique in their kind and are designed for those who love sweet flavors and intense


  • cake flour – ¾ loving cup (90g)
  • baking powder- ½ tsp
  • sugar- ½ cup(80g)
  • tabular array salt – 1pinch
  • butter- 4tbsp(50g)
  • eggs- 2
  • strawberry essence – 1tsp

  • Sift flour in addition to baking powder.
  •  Mix eggs & carbohydrate until fluffy in addition to pale inwards color.
  • Add tabular array salt in addition to strawberry essence.
  • Gently plication inwards flour inwards three batches to trim back lumps.
  • Careful non to over mix.Now add together melted butter in addition to mix.
  • Cover in addition to function on inwards the fridge for ane lx minutes which volition assistance the cookies to heighten inwards the middle when baking.
  • Grease the madeleines pan, pour ane tbsp for each madeleines.
  • Bake for 180c (370f) for 11-15 mins or until the sides in addition to the bottom sides are golden inwards color.