Chinese Dark-Green Onion Pancake

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Chinese Dark-Green Onion Pancake

Scallion Pancake – crispy Chinese green onion pancake loaded with lots of scallion. Easy scallion pancake recipe that you can’t stop eating!


  • plainly flour (all- operate flour) 2cups(250g)
  • common salt 3/4 tsp (1/2 tsp if y’all similar less common salt or desire to consume amongst other salty food)
  • carbohydrate 1tsp
  • hot H2O 80ml
  • mutual frigidity H2O 70-80ml depending on the type of flour & weather(make a soft & smoothen dough)
  • finely chopped greenish onion
  • oil


  1. Mix common salt as well as carbohydrate inwards the flour
  2. add hot H2O as well as mix
  3. now add together cool water
  4. knead the dough well
  5. divide the dough as well as rest  for 20-30 mins covered
  6. roll the dough circular as well as thin
  7. brush crude oil on overstep as well as spread finely chopped greenish onion(spring onion)
  8. now elevator ane side to plication inward hence sidewise to brand a pinwheel
  9. rest ane time to a greater extent than for twenty mins to relax the dough
  10. roll it flat, this fourth dimension a piddling thick
  11. then create on medium oestrus amongst a piddling fighting of crude oil until golden dark-brown on both side
  12. serve hot


  • dough should last relaxed as well as slow to gyre if it is rested enough. At whatever point, if y’all uncovering it hard to gyre (shrinks dorsum when y’all stimulate to gyre out)let it repose for xv mins to relax hence gyre again.
  • serve hot to bask a crispy paratha.
  • 1tsp carbohydrate volition non enter sugariness exactly elevate flavour.

argue for hot & mutual frigidity water:
hot H2O volition create to a greater extent than or less gluten of the flour to brand less chewy or stretchy.
mutual frigidity H2O to halt cooking all the flour to residual softness as well as chewiness.