Cheesecake Recipe

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Cheesecake Recipe

Things that are better in a restaurant: a decent slice of cheesecake, creamy risotto, fresh sushi. Usually it’s due to the fact that a restaurant has better equipment (a water bath for that cheesecake), time (patience for the risotto) or just a good eel guy. But we don’t like to have to rely on someone else to satisfy our sugar cravings. So we challenged our recipes editor to come up with a foolproof cheesecake recipe that doesn’t require industrial-style equipment to make. Thankfully, our girl’s good. Her beauty of a recipe requires only a food processor for silky-smooth results.

Ingredients for cheesecake

  • digestive biscuit crumbs i to i 1/2cup
  • saccharide 1/4 cup(55g)
  • butter 1/3 cup(60g)
  • i lemons zest

Ingredients for cake:

  • cream cheese ii cups (450g)
  • saccharide 1/3 cup(75g)
  • lemon juice i tbsp
  • heavy cream i 1/4 loving cup (250g)
  • milk chocolate i loving cup (100g)
  • iii tbsp cream
  • removable bottom or springform pan size 7″ to 9″


  1. melt saccharide together with butter inward a bowl together with hence add together biscuit crumbs together with lemon zest, mix together
  2. spread inward the pan together with hence press amongst a drinking glass bottom to brand the apartment base
  3. in to a greater extent than or less other bowl crunch room temperature cream cheese until smooth
  4. add whipping cream together with hence crunch only until strong peak forms
  5. pour the cream cheese mixture on overstep of the biscuit crumb base
  6.  tap  the pan on the surface to fifty-fifty the batter
  7. melt milk chocolate together with iii tbsp cream together inward the microwave
  8. pour the melted chocolate on overstep of cream cheese together with hence spread carefully
  9. refrigerate for vi hours or overnight
  10.  if you lot lead maintain a removable bottom pan, seat the pan on overstep of a pocket-size bowl together with hence force through to accept the cake out.