Butter Puff Biscuit Dough

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Butter Puff Biscuit Dough

As promised, this is the puff pastry-like dough I used inwards the apple tree roses video, together with land non precisely “ quick together with easy,” this was definitely quicker together with easier. Just don’t campaign together with brand strawberry shortcake amongst this stuff.

I wanted to utilization this dough equally the centerpiece of our strawberry shortcake video, simply unfortunately the mutual coldness pastry was means also difficult to cutting amongst a spoon, together with and hence I ended upwardly using a much to a greater extent than traditional, together with user-friendly biscuit.   
That aside, equally a puff pastry substitute, I mean value this was a huge success. Hopefully, you lot saw this inwards activeness inwards the apple roses video, which, past times the way, was done amongst scraps. Besides fruit tarts, I’d dear to campaign this for things similar ham together with cheese turnovers, together with chocolate croissants.
With that inwards mind, I hope whatever together with all successful experiments amongst this dough volition last shared on social media; mostly together with hence I tin re-create your ideas. By the way, at that topographic point seems to a fiddling argument on YouTube equally to the exact release of layers nosotros got, together with hence what tell you? I hope you lot laissez passer on this butter puff biscuit dough a campaign soon. Enjoy!
  • 2 cups self-rising flour (You tin brand you lot ain past times sifting together two cups of all-purpose flour amongst 1 tablespoon baking powder, together with 1 teaspoon fine salt)
  • 3/4 loving cup mutual coldness H2O (add plenty H2O to brand a soft, simply non pasty dough)
  • *7 tablespoons frozen unsalted butter (a stick is 8 tablespoons)
*I grated on close four tablespoons for the commencement application, together with close iii tablespoons for the second.
– I mostly bake this materials at 400 F.  Time volition depend on what it’s beingness used for.