Fried Cheese Egg Toast

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Fried Cheese Egg Toast

I’m non certain what your park breakfast routine entails, merely chances are yous occasionally larn bored amongst it, in addition to crave something completely different, in addition to when that happens, it doesn’t larn much to a greater extent than dissimilar than this fast, in addition to tardily fried cheese egg toast. Be careful though, since later it’s non tardily going dorsum to that bowl of oatmeal.

While pan-frying cheese may non audio peculiarly healthy, equally it caramelizes, it gives upwardly a fair amount of butter fat, which stays behind inwards the pan. So, yous could truly spin this technique equally a new, fat-reducing hack – unless yous purpose that to butter the toast, which isn’t a dumb idea.
By the way, I promise yous similar your yolks runny, since if yous don’t, this is non going to last most equally great. Which reminds me, why produce people non similar runny yolks? What’s non to like? I promise they don’t mean value they’re dangerous, because they’re not. Anyway, if yous are a fan of the flow, this fried cheese egg toast is the agency to go, then I truly produce promise yous hand this a endeavour soon. Enjoy!
  • Ingredients for i Fried Cheese Egg Toast:
  • 1 ounce grated cheddar cheese
  • pinch ruddy pepper flakes
  • 1 large egg
  • 1 spell of toast
  • sliced greenish onions to garnish
  • pinch of salt
*Note: For best results, rub your non-stick pan amongst a few drops of olive oil