Chocolate Croissants

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Chocolate Croissants

I’ll acknowledge to beingness pretty underwhelmed the get-go fourth dimension I had a chocolate croissant, or “pain au chocolat,” every bit I’d mispronounce it; exactly eventually I realized the relatively lean total of chocolate wasn’t whatsoever sort of stinginess, exactly rather the truthful clandestine behind this amazing pastry.

Properly done, this should ride that trouble betwixt sugariness pastry too a savory bread, too hence don’t overdo it amongst the chocolate chunks; otherwise you’ll lose that beautiful balance. Other than that, non much tin orbit the sack instruct wrong. Just survive certain to bake them until nicely browned, too permit them cool earlier enjoying.
While this volition operate amongst that dough inwards the tube, I’d similar to intend you’d brand a batch of your ain dough using our lately posted croissant recipe. Don’t worry, it exclusively seems similar a lot of work. Either way, I actually produce promise you lot orbit these chocolate croissants a campaign soon. Enjoy!
Ingredients for 12 Chocolate Croissants:
  • 1 batch of croissant dough from this recipe (split inwards one-half for 2 batches of 6)
  • about 1 loving cup roughly chopped chocolate chunks, or chips
  • 1 large egg, addition 1 tablespoon of H2O for the egg wash
  • coarsely the world ocean salt
– Bake at 400 F. for most 20-25 minutes, or until well-browned