Sesame Breadstuff Sticks

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Sesame Breadstuff Sticks These staff of life sticks are rolled inwards sesame seeds. it’s lightly sweet, amount of the olfactory holding of toasted sesame seeds together with milk. soft together with chewy alongside a compaction of sesame seeds.


  • staff of life flour 250g(2cups)
  • butter milk or milk 120 ml
  • egg 1
  • milk pulverisation 4tbsp
  • yeast 1tsp
  • tabular array salt 3/4 tsp
  • saccharide 3tbsp
  • butter 4tbsp
  • sesame seeds equally needed
  • bake
  • 180°c or 356°f  for xv Mins


  • Mix milk, sugar, yeast, salt, milk powder, egg inwards your mixing bowl
  • make a dough past times adding flour
  • knead until smoothen spell adding butter
  • divide inwards 8-16
  • roll it long similar a stick
  • brush H2O or egg wash
  • roll inwards sesame seeds
  • proof until puffs upwards
  • bake at 180°c for xv Mins


  • brush H2O or egg earlier rolling them into the sesame seeds, that agency the seeds stick better.
  • adjust temperature together with fourth dimension according to the size of your bread
  • make certain to operate expert yeast
  • you tin operate milk instead of butter milk