Homemade Thick Yogurt Recipe

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Homemade Thick Yogurt Recipe
I brand yogurt at to the lowest degree ane time a calendar week in addition to hither is my become to recipe for How to brand thick creamy yogurt similar shop bought.


  • sum cream milk 1L
  • milk powder-1cup
  • sugar-2tbsp
  • yogurt culture/starter(real yogurt from the previous batch) -2tbsp (2-3tsp per loving cup of milk)


  • boil milk in addition to cut to 2/3 or add together a loving cup of powdered milk
  • add saccharide during boiling
  • let the milk cool downward till it comes downward to the trunk temperature
  • beat civilisation yogurt to loosen upward (actual yogur from the previous batch)
  • add civilisation yogurt (2tsp- 2tbsp per loving cup of milk)
  • mix well, comprehend in addition to allow it laid inwards a warm house for 3-4 hours
  • transfer to the fridge when set


  • thicker milk makes thicker yogurt.
  • if starter or civilisation yogurt is added to hot milk, it volition kill alive bacteria in addition to yogurt volition non set.
  • if yous tin dip your finger inwards the milk for 30sec in addition to it doesn’t view your finger simply
  • nonetheless feels warm yous know it’s develop to add together culture.
  • if yous laid yogurt at a lower temperature for a long fourth dimension the texture volition endure a piddling slimy simply edible.
  • best if yous come across the yogurt laid inside iii hours.
  • yous tin allow the yogurt laid beside your stove spell yous are cooking other things. that’s the variety of warm temperature yous postulate to laid yogurt.